Mobilità, Tyo

by Maude Arsenault

44 X 58 in

Edition of 5

2,500.00 USD $

About The Work

Ces œuvres ont été réalisées dans le cadre d’une démarche issue de la photographie de mode, en en prenant le contre-pied par la représentation de textures de peau « atypiques ». Elles sont une rencontre entre le portrait photographique classique et une approche picturale revisitée par les nouvelles technologies.

These works were created in the context of an artistic practice stemming from fashion photography, by taking an opposite view with the representation of “atypical” skin textures. They are a mix between classic photographic portraiture and a pictorial approach revisited by new technologies.

impression à jet d’encre sur papier 100 % coton Moab/ink jet print on 100 % Moab cotton paper

Print Informations


All prints are Digital Pigment prints on museum-quality acid-free papers such as Museum Etching, Canson Rag and Arches Velin. These papers are designed to meet galleries and museum longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades 200 years old. The choice of paper is suggested by the Photographer according to his or her preferences.


All prints are Digital Pigment Prints using the latest top of the line technology, archival high dynamic inks and 200 years old life paper.


NO! Our prints are on standard paper sizes and we don’t alter the image size and proportions to fit the paper. Each print has a minimum of 0.5 inch white border. This is an artistic decision that belongs to the artist. Margins don’t normally exceed 2-4 inches on each side depending on the final paper size.

Artist Bio

Maude Arsenault is a photographer and the mother of three children. Her work is very influenced by the feminist question and the relationship women have with their body. Through her photographs, she explores the themes of eroticism, nudity, beauty and transitional moments associated with puberty, motherhood, and the exploration of sexuality. Maude is thus working to create fictions, distilled from the real, featuring children, adolescents and young women as subjects, organized in the form of tableaux or portraits. The artist explores the traces of the unconscious during childhood and their possible transpositions in adult life.

While at first Maude photographs may give the impression of using an aesthetic language, there is rather a delicate research wishing to reveal the intimate universe of its protagonists, drawing a thin line between voyeurism, malaise and candour. At the center of her photographic works there’s young girls or children exposed to explore subjects related to identity and perception often altered by adults in today’s society.

Using the medium of photography since her beginnings, Maude has recently begun the exploration of other art forms such as video, installation, sculpture and painting. Chambre de jeunes filles shown here as a first draft, is a first series in that way.

Maude Arsenault lives and works in Montreal, she has been a photographer for more then 20 years and has been published internationally. In 2013, she founded the “The Print Atelier” an online art photography gallery. She is also currently pursuing studies in art history at University of Montreal. Her work has been exhibited several times in Canada and the US since 2001 and her photographs are part of many private collections.

For more information you can visit her website at:

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