Human Needs, Currere II

by Rachel Wolfe

500.00 USD $ – 2,780.00 USD $

About The Work

Human Needs is a body of work comprised of several chapters of images and text, with the thematic element being the Nature of Desire.

Mind gain fast access to concepts through technology, screens and images. A neglected connection between the mind/body system may witness the rise of the commodification of Nature, whereas a shift toward connecting the mind/body may inform attentiveness toward embodied reality or a connection with physicality. Central in motive to these works, Rachel reintegrates the mind with the subtle sensory body of perception (proprioception and exteroception). Working with the transitory subjects of water, snow, ice, and form, the evocative images recreate such aesthetic experiences.

These images visually guide a connection the human body’s sensory system has with nature. Human Needs offer an occasion to give rise to human behaviour acting from a personal, innate sense of desire.

Print Informations


All prints are Digital Pigment prints on museum-quality acid-free papers such as Museum Etching, Canson Rag and Arches Velin. These papers are designed to meet galleries and museum longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades 200 years old. The choice of paper is suggested by the Photographer according to his or her preferences.


All prints are Digital Pigment Prints using the latest top of the line technology, archival high dynamic inks and 200 years old life paper.


NO! Our prints are on standard paper sizes and we don’t alter the image size and proportions to fit the paper. Each print has a minimum of 0.5 inch white border. This is an artistic decision that belongs to the artist. Margins don’t normally exceed 2-4 inches on each side depending on the final paper size.

Artist Bio

Rachel Wolfe is an interdisciplinary artist whose images and installations create a sensual and emotive view the relationship between Vision and Body. Her monolithic image and text, Omniscient, recently won 1st place by the jury in the Imagining New Eurasia exhibition at Asia Culture Center in Gwanju, South Korea. She holds an MFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Rachel lives and works in Los Angeles and Oslo.

“The essential questions I work with are meditations on the Nature of Desire, or what moves a Body? I create art to consider aesthetic experience as a forum for conversations about the relationship between Vision and the Body. Quietness, nature and slowness are continual focal points through images and installation, drawing, video, fiber work, writing and performance.

I have grown increasingly interested in the literal and material ways language and electronic data traffic are visually constructed, and the relationship these changes have with human bodies. The human experience can be said to have three primary arenas-cognition, perception and emotion. Cognition has led at the forefront, with perception gaining interest, and emotion least acknowledged and often subject to pathologization. I seek to balance this spectrum of cognition, perception and emotion through the artwork I make centered on the felt senses. These art are not about my own emotion or feeling persay, but rather meditations on the senses themselves.”

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