commissaires / curators

Joyce Yahouda

Maude Arsenault


artistes / artists

Max Abadian, Maude Arsenault, Jacques Bilodeau, Annie Briard, David Ellingsen, Moridja Kitenge, Nicolas Mavrikakis, François Ollivier, Le Pigeon, Alana Riley, Stephen Schofield, Daniel Shipp, Victor Vargas Villafuerte, Louise Viger, Paul Wong, Lee Yanor

“Mobilità is movement, the capacity to move; it is mobility. We live in a mobile era, undoubtedly more than ever before in the history of non-nomadic cultures.

If instability and the absence of seemingly immutable material or emotional bonds constitute the fragile face of mobility, the notion is also paired with a number of desirable conditions, such as fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, accessibility, diversity, exchange, freedom and discovery – all of which hold strength. As Lafontaine’s reed that merely bends when the winds blow wild.

Mobilità is about having seized the opportunity as it passed, one that allowed for the meeting of two curators who produced an open-minded, fluid selection of some thirty works of contemporary art by Canadian and international artists.

Movement in these works is temporal; it traverses history or intervenes in the space-time continuum of a landscape; it is physical, visible or intensely contained; it is lyrical and suggested; it is expressed through song and dance; it is documented; it is conveyed by ideas or empathy; it is shaped in clay and stilled behind a lens.

Mobilità is being alive.”



– Jennifer Couëlle