Martina + Reem – It Slipped my Mind

The Print Atelier is excited to introduce new works of the series Slipped my Mind from creative duo artists Martina + Reem.

Martina + Reem are a duo of photographers who currently reside in Toronto, Canada. They met while studying at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Combining photography with their prior backgrounds in art, their work explores elements of the fantastical in reality. Their signature has been described as conceptual and ethereal. They are highly influenced by art, nature and music.

Transporting us in a completely different dimension. In this new series you can discover colourful and powerful landscapes that offers a dialogue between life reality and life as a fantasy. Here’s a hint on how artists Martina + Reem brought to life this poetic series, It Slipped my Mind:

I fall between the waves of two worlds. A reality and a fantasy brought together as one. The freedom of seeing it as I want to be is all I need to carry on. And for a moment in time. I feel free. Series inspiration: “Default” by Atoms for Peace.

Martina + Reem – It Slipped my Mind

“Les yeux du ciel” consists of a series of aerial photographs of the Haitian territory taken during his helicopter trips in the country. The photos are structured around compositions and textures of the landscapes he has encountered.

Selected artworks: