It’s finally this time of the year where we get to enjoy the heat, relax by the pool, spend long hours reading and why not, discover new Artists and Artworks !

What could be a better place to do this then Online!
From the comfort of your lounge chair, let yourself immerse in the discovery of inspiring works from our talented artists…

Eglantine Lavogez
joins us

The Print Atelier is enthused to present Eglantine Lavogez and her diptych series titled "Getting Closer".

Eglantine Lavogez is a young photographer based in Paris. Her vision is characterized by a search of daily aesthetic and harmony to be found through her immediate environment.  As so many before her, she wonders around town, searching for an element or a structure that will catch her eye and push her to stop.

Photography allows her to get away from a confined universe and to create her own rules. The strength of her photographs resides in their spontaneity : nothing is forced, nothing is reflexive, everything is about instinct and the present moment.

"I  take  photos  for  the  aesthetic  pleasure,  it  feeds  my  graphic  view  of  the  world,  I  don’t  do  it  to  document. [...] Playing  with  colors  and  materials,  I  try  to  put  my  focus  on  detail,  cut  to  the  essential  and  give  relief  to  heaviness.  After  all,  who  says  we  can’t  find  excitement  in  the  boredom  of  routine?"

New Artist
Daniel Desmarais

We're excited to welcome new artist Daniel Desmarais at The Print Atelier !!!

Daniel worked as a humanitarian photographer and press photographer before moving on to Montreal’s cultural scene. He has worked in Pakistan, Ethiopia and Haiti on behalf of the United Nations. Winner of several prestigious awards, he has been showing his works in various exhibitions in Canada.

“As an artist, I like new experiences, I do not hesitate to dive into new adventures without questioning myself, these cognitive shocks change my view of what surrounds me.” - Daniel Desmarais

His first works with us Les yeux du ciel, consists of a series of aerial photographs of the Haitian territory taken during his helicopter trips in the country. The photos are structured around compositions and textures of the landscapes he has encountered.

See Daniel’s works in person…Visit two of his exhibitions in Montreal this Spring :

Les yeux du ciel – June 16th to September 23rd at Maison de la culture de RDP
Tout koulè – April 18th to June 10th at La TOHU

Two great series by
Alana Riley

The Print Atelier is honoured to present in collaboration with Joyce Yahouda Gallery, 2 spectacular series by Alana Riley.

In her self-portraits titled, "Support System" and "The Pressure between you and me is enough to take a picture", Alana uses unpredictable human encounters as part of her photographic process.

Alana Riley is a photo/video-based artist, currently living in Montreal, Canada. She holds a B.F.A. from Concordia University in Montreal and an M.F.A. from the Roski School of Fine Arts at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Riley’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, the United States, Europe and China.

In 2010, Riley was awarded the Pierre-Ayot Prize by the City of Montreal and the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries (AGAC), as well as being nominated as a finalist of the Emerging Photographers of Canada by the Magenta Foundation. Riley has participated in artist residencies in Quebec, Ireland and Germany. Alana Riley’s work is represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery and her works are also available through The Print Atelier.

"The Pressure between you and me is enough to take a picture"

For this series, the artist entered stangers’ work environments and asked to take a photo with them, with the shutter-release cord placed between their bodies. The photo was therefore taken at the moment of closest physical contact.

"Support System"

For this series, Riley invited strangers passing by her studio in downtown Montreal to come up and lie on top of her, for the duration of a shooting sequence of a medium-format roll of film of 10 frames. One image was chosen as the final portrait.

New works by
Guillaume Hébert

We are excited to launch a new series by Guillaume Hébert developed during his recent trip to Europe.

Guillaume’s work is related to a form of expressionism. He captures the passage of time and changes by noticing the small elements of an ever evolving life journey.

What he is looking for at first and foremost, are unusual and transitory scenes that nobody notices despite their interest, incredible colour schemes or emotional evocation. Observation is the key to his approach.

Rachel Wolfe
New Artist

We are proud to introduce new artist Rachel Wolfe at the The Print Atelier !

Rachel Wolfe is an interdisciplinary artist whose images and installations create a sensual and emotive view the relationship between Vision and Body.

Her monolithic image and text, Omniscient, recently won 1st place by the jury in the Imagining New Eurasia exhibition at Asia Culture Center in Gwanju, South Korea. She holds an MFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Rachel lives and works in Los Angeles and Oslo.

"The essential questions I work with are meditations on the Nature of Desire, or what moves a Body? I create art to consider aesthetic experience as a forum for conversations about the relationship between Vision and the Body."

"I seek to balance this spectrum of cognition, perception and emotion through the artwork I make centered on the felt senses. These art are not about my own emotion or feeling persay, but rather meditations on the senses themselves."

Fall 2017

The 2017 start of the  "Art season"  brought a lot of excitement to The Print Atelier !

First, Mobilità, the exhibition, a brand new website, a new collaboration with an established art gallery and fabulous new artists to discover !

On September 19, renowned curators Joyce Yahouda and Maude Arsenault gathered over 350 people to launch Mobilità, a contemporary art event presented by Genesis Motors Canada.

Mobilità is about being alive as a form of movement and seizing the opportunity as it comes. Mobilità is a striking encounter between an up-and-coming car and an open-minded, fluid selection of contemporary art reflecting people, places, shapes and ideas.

The event featured close to thirty artworks, including photography, video, and sculpture, by Canadian and international artists Max Abadian, Maude Arsenault, Jacques Bilodeau, Annie Briard, David Ellingsen, Moridja Kitenge Banza, Nicolas Mavrikakis, François Ollivier, Le Pigeon, Alana Riley, Stephen Schofield, Daniel Shipp, Victor Vargas Villafuerte, Louise Viger, Paul Wong and Lee Yanor.



Browse through a more interactive design, the new THE PRINT ATELIER platform offers a more exciting and intuitive way to discover and research works & artists.

Experience new sections such as our Curated COLLECTIONS, exciting new COLLABORATIONS, interviews with art stars CURATORS and tons of BLOG posts bringing you fresh and inspiring content from the art world.

Joyce Yahouda collection

The Print Atelier is proud to partner with established curator and gallery owner Joyce Yahouda through a selection of art works of Joyce’s choice.

Since 2002, Joyce Yahouda has been the director / curator of Joyce Yahouda Gallery promoting contemporary art in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, performance, photography, installation, sculpture, video, web based and digital art.

We are excited to be offering this selection of works curated by Joyce, now available online at The Print Atelier!

The Print Atelier teams up with Art Money. The new way to buy art !!!
Take your art home and pay for it later. 10 payments. Interest free.
Visit Art Money here.

We are so happy to introduce Linda Rutenberg as part of our collective!

Linda started as a fine art photographer 30 years ago. She has a BFA in film and music and an MFA in Photography from Concordia University. Linda has taught photography and worked on projects which have resulted in fifteen publications and numerous exhibitions.

Her fine artwork has been exhibited internationally and most recently in Canada, the US and England. Her photography series including her latest work The Gaspé Peninsula are all explorations of the relationship between the environment and its people.

Linda’s work has been purchased by many prominent corporate collections, it is in the National Gallery of Canada and the archives of the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris.

New Series By
Martina + Reem

How excited we are at The Print Atelier to be introducing 2 new series by Martina + Reem, colourful and powerful artworks that are just groundbreaking!

Martina + Reem are a duo of photographers who currently reside in Toronto, Canada. They met while studying at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Combining photography with their prior backgrounds in art, their work explores elements of the fantastical in reality. Their signature has been described as conceptual and ethereal. They are highly influenced by art, nature and music.

" This time, the beloved duo artist offer us two series: Dizzy Ghosts and Exsangue ! "

Dizzy Ghosts is a series of 4 photographs taken in the Highlands of Scotland. The slightly spooky atmosphere, with a touch of mystery, puts emphasis on the greatness of the trees. These giants stand tall and proud despite hardships. As Martina + Reem point out: ”Storms make trees take deeper roots”.

Exsangue is part of a never-ending series. The search for a true home when your heart does not know what it desires. The colourful artworks bring an abnormal feeling but yet refreshing. This ethereal series truly shows the signature look of Martina + Reem.

François Ollivier
New Artist

We are so excited to introduce this new artist at The Print Atelier, his colorful and graphic works are just stunning! Welcome french photographer François Ollivier!

François Ollivier is a self-taught photographer. Born in the south of France, he lives and works in Montreal since 2011. François first studied languages, then worked as a lighting designer for shows, and spent several years being a creative advertising kind of guy. He now focuses on photography, based on observation and magnifying the simplest things.

" My approach is based on wandering and accepting the impromptu. I use photography to make simple factual observations and also to gather people, places, lines or lights in a setup that will exist only once. Why only once? "

The Print Atelier has the opportunity to present 4 new collections by this talented recruit. First off, National Geometric studies our faculty to forget our guides and to lose ourselves in nature, to read between straight lines drawn by man in his environment.

These photographs inspire a geometric side that brings up a powerful atmosphere.

Secondly, Perfect Strangers is a series that features people that are utterly strange and who agreed to be staged. Made by patience and by fortunate coincidence, this approach places the subject at the same hierarchical level as the “set” in which it joins. The image is the product of this encounter and becomes a reinterpretation of an often harmless space.

Thirdly, Frozen is a wonderful series about winter and its frosty atmosphere. François Olliver talks about this series in these words:

“Wintry poetry. Three-colored and lunar images, indefinite Siberian space.

Twice three images of the same place under various angles.

In one case, I am in the warmth of a plane which changes my vision by making the frozen geography scroll under my feet.

In other one I am literally freezing outside, it is me who evolve in the space to blow the warmth.”

Finally, the series C’est la Nuit represents the special moment when the artificial lighting becomes natural, the night glorifies the spaces which we ignore the day. In this new dimension, the slightest detail becomes dreamlike.

New Artist
Guillaume Hébert

We are honoured to welcome a new artist with The Print Atelier's collective, talented artist Guillaume Hébert.

Guillaume Hébert is a young photographer in his twenties who has recently completed his studies in photography at CEGEP du Vieux-Montreal.  What he is looking for at first and foremost, are unusual and transitory scenes that nobody notices despite their interest, incredible color schemes or emotional evocation. Observation seems to be the key to his approach. Guillaume believe his work is more related to a form of expressionism than to a conceptual approach, since it captures time, change and the state of things.

It is when he manages to capture the illusion of reality that he considers he has managed to achieve a photo that is unique, one that can not happened once again.

Guillaume calls this… The Concordance of time

The Print Atelier has the chance to present 3 new collections by the young talented recruit. First, Couleur is a digital series that was produced between 2012 and 2016 in order to depict scenes, people and objects that are not usually meant to be observed. Color photography allows Hebert to create important visual changes working on the chromatic of his images while in post-production. The goal is to control the tones, blend the colors so that they become element of picturality as a painting would, done by brush. The importance of the combination of colors and the captation of a scenery while shooting remains essential.

Secondly, his body of work Noir et Blanc offers some sort of finish that makes subjects unreal or reminiscent of the past, it brings a dramatic atmosphere to concepts that are not usually, and provides a misleading effect. In this series of digital images also taken from 2012 to 2016, the isolation of particular scenes showcases the beauty of black and white and the possibility given by modifications made from a computer.

The subject is the ultimate point of interest in a black and white photograph.

Finally, in Mt Washington/New Hampshire, 35 mm the artist express that even if he has known the medium of photography through film and analog camera first, he quickly got used to the digital world. In this series made in Mount Washington in September 2016, he used an old school film camera, because it is often linked to the idea of memories. He wanted to bring an authentic feel to this particular series and also illustrate what this new place he was exploring made him feel. Visiting this region, that is isolated and kept away from the rest of the world highlighted the sentiment of being lost and is represented here by images that have no post-production work.

Fall News !

The Print Atelier has amazing news for our dear art collectors! From new art photograph by Martina + Reem to Maude Arsenault’s upcoming exhibition, here are some updates you absolutely need to know!

First off, Martina + Reem, duo of photographers who currently reside in Toronto, Canada are launching new prints from various collections this month. Combining photography with their prior backgrounds in art, their work explores elements of the fantastical in reality. Their signature has been described as conceptual and ethereal and is also highly influenced by art, nature and music. Indeed, their new series Bruises to ashes presents a mysterious and dark ambiance. These talented photographers have also included two new works to their collection Dubai, creating a new entity now called Dubai – Paris!

We are absolutely in love with the series YVR! These photographs illustrates moments from the inflight heading to YVR. Martina + Reem keep surprising us with their amazing way of capturing landscapes , always so lively and dreamy.

Secondly, The Print Atelier recently partnered up with FRAEMd!

FRAEMd offers a new art platform for talented artists to showcase their work (of up to €10,000) to a worldwide audience. To ensure a high quality and diverse selection of art they curate their artists and collaborate with selected cutting edge galleries. All you need to do is to swipe of your finger while FRAEMd define your taste and match you with your perfect piece of art. The tool connects artists with art lovers of all kinds as well as galleries who are eager to discover new talent.  Aiming to become the leading online platform for the (first time) art buyer to go to when looking to invest in original art, we invite you to check out our page!

Thirdly, Maude Arsenault has been invited to show an original series of works as part of “Les Inéluctables”, at Galerie Occurence, Centre d’art et d’essai Contemporains. This gallery is dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art, with a focus on photography and image practices. Its program is selected through a committee of peers made up of artists and active participants in the arts community with varied viewpoints. Renewed each year, this committee ensures a diverse program that reflects current issues.

*”Les Inéluctables” : Initié en automne 2014, Les inéluctables a été amorcé dans une volonté d’accorder plus d’espace aux artistes, et offrir les murs de la pièce de travail des bureaux d’Occurrence à des œuvres inédites et des coups de cœur sélectionnés ponctuellement.

Also, keep an eye out for our next private event in Maude Arsenault’s bohemian chic home. For the fist time this summer, selcted guests were able to discover the gorgeous and inspiring collection that Maude has gattered over the years, all that in a relax and friendly atmosphere. This first experience was so successful that we decided to organized an another one! We can’t wait to see you and discuss our commun passion, photography! *October/November dates to come…

Finally, The Print Atelier is in full financing mode for beautiful future projects on the way.  Our Kickstarter Campaign will be launched shortly. Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects. Over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project. Every artist, filmmaker, designer, developer, and creator on Kickstarter has complete creative control over their work — and the opportunity to share it with a vibrant community of backers. We are counting on you ! Stay tuned for more informations!

TPA - In Summer Mode

The Print Atelier is in full summer mode!
So much has been going on in the last few weeks that we thought we should give you an update!

First off, Maude Arsenault, founder of The Print Atelier, gave a private tour of her own art collection in the comfort of her bohemian chic home. Our guest were able to discover the gorgeous and inspiring photography that Maude collected over the years all that in a relax and trendy atmosphere. The renowned wine waiter Jean-Benoît Hinse, from the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers, paid us a visit along with his talented co-worker Christine Couture from “Importation de vin Rousset“. We had the chance to savour delectable wines and champagnes while discovering amazing artworks.

Secondly, we also have some new works at the gallery! LM Chabot is latching some new pieces to their collection West! LM Chabot is the type of co-dependence you dream of. The perfect fusion of technique and instinct, sensitivity and objectivity, naivety and maturity, facial hair and red lipstick. This serie expose some clichés of a reportage shot on Pentax 67 during a road trip from Vancouver to San Diego.

Thirdly, Gunter Heinrich, President of Winchester Galleries, is pleased to introduce the work of photographer and environmental artist David Ellingsen who is also represented by The Print Atelier. David Ellingsen is a photographer and environmental artist creating images of site- specific installations, landscapes and object studies that speak to the natural world and Man’s impact upon it. At its core David’s work is motivated by the challenges of sustainability within contemporary Western culture.

This introductory exhibition includes work from three different series by the David. Future Imperfect explores the elements of man and the environment and the instinct of self-preservation in a Western culture that upholds its standards of living at all costs. The Last Stand addresses the state of our forests and the cognitive dissonance arising from the dilemma of participation in, and yet responsibility for, the fouling of one’s own nest. The site-specific installations in Obsolete Delete were informed by the increasing speed of technological obsolescence, the environment and the collision of the two.”

Finally, Musée Magazine, a cool art photography magazine and platform from New York, wrote a great article about the ingenious Robin Cerutti, also represented at The Print Atelier. Musée Magazine is a dynamic, digital quarterly and interactive website dedicated to featuring works by emerging and established artists. The article was mainly about Robin’s series, Parallel, where part of the image is above water’s surface and the other part is underwater. This creates an idea of two parallel worlds in which the subject either feels comfortable, taking time to discover the outside world or interact with the so-called membrane.

New Artist | Annie Briard

We are honoured to welcome a new member at The Print Atelier, the talented artist Annie Briard, a Vancouver based visual and media artist challenging visual perception and memory.

Briard has exhibited in solo and group shows across Canada and internationally, including galleries and festivals in New York, Rio, Barcelona, Madrid, Basel, Shanghai and Beijing. She has delivered engaging temporary public art in Montreal, Hamilton, Vancouver and Victoria, including video installations Arborescence and Comment délaisser le sol à jamais for Art Souterrain (2009, 2012), interactive animations The Woods and Winterplay (2012-2014) and in 2015 produced the stereoscopic 3D billboard Any Day Now for Art in Transit Toronto and Capture Festival Vancouver.

Briard was an artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre and was selected by the Centre International d’Art Contemporain to represent Canada at the WEYA symposium in England in 2012. The following year, she presented solo shows at Back Gallery Project, Black & Yellow and VIVO media arts centre in Vancouver, and Centre 3 in Hamilton. In 2014, Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal presented   ‘Sight Shifting’, a solo exhibition of new works focused on perception and wonderment. Briard has a current exhibitions in Winnipeg and Montreal and she is doing a summer artist residency in Spain.

We are excited to introduce Annie’s new series Constructions built from landscapes she shot while doing backpacking trips around the world. These powerful artworks combine 3D and breathtaking photography. Through this series, Briard investigates the field of perceptions and our inability to accurately grasp the world.

I am interested in the multiplicity of perception paradigms, differing within the fields of psychology, phenomenology, neuroscience and film theory. There is space for creative experimentation within the gaps and intersections between these models. Our sensorial system...

- Annie Briard

In conjunction with her practice, Annie Briard is an educator at Emily Carr University. She holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MAA from Emily Carr University (2013). Her work is also represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery and Back Gallery Project.

In “Art Toronto 2015” painter Erin Loree and her musician boyfriend are looking at Annie’s work with 3D glasses.

Joyce Yahouda Gallery is showing Annie's latest installation until June 4th, : Staring at The Sun...GO!

Hilton Toronto by
Maude Arsenault

The Print Atelier is honoured to present Hilton Toronto, a new series by Maude Arsenault.

Maude is a talented photographer with a long background in Fashion. Her works have been published in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazar and Nylon Magazines. Her work is recognized for its poetic sensuality while documenting the everyday life and moments of intimacy. Hilton Toronto definitely examines this very personal theme in the context of a long time exploration of hotel rooms.

“I shot this specific story in December 2014 while I was travelling on a short trip to Toronto. It is a recent series part of my long time interest in portraying hotel rooms and their intimate encounters.”

- Maude Arsenault

Hilton Toronto is a limited edition collection that evokes sensuality and delicateness. These four new artworks will transport you in an intimate world. We invite you to discover this amazing experience at

Now on YouTube

The Print Atelier is proud to launch its very own YouTube channel!

This new platform will offer to all our followers exclusive content on our talented artists. We will post clips about our exhibitions, the accomplishments of The Print Atelier’s roster and of course about the amazing artists we are promoting, their philosophy and their inspirations.

This channel will be the ultimate destination for art photography lovers and photography collectors.

New Works by
Martina + Reem

The Print Atelier is honoured to present It Slipped my Mind a new collection from Martina + Reem.

This photographers duo signature has been described as conceptual and ethereal. They are also highly influenced by art, nature and music. These two talented photographer never fail to impress us with their amazing creations. Transporting us in a completely different dimension. In this new series you can discover colourful and powerful landscapes that offers a dialogue between life reality and  life as a fantasy.

Here’s a hint on how artists Martina + Reem brought to life this poetic series, It Slipped my Mind:

"I fall between the waves of two worlds. A reality and a fantasy brought together as one. The freedom of seeing it as I want it to be is all I need to carry on. And for a moment in time, I feel free."

- Martina + Reem

This collection have been inspired by the series “Default” from Atoms for Peace. Yet, these unique artworks are hypnotizing with a funky atmosphere.

New ARTSY Show : The Best of Canadian Photography - From East to West

The Print Atelier is latching a new show about its best Canadian photography. We gathered artworks from our talented photographers such as David Ellingsen, Martina + Reem, Le Pigeon, Réjean Meloche, Maude Arsenault, LM Chabot and Maxime Brouillet to represent the unique atmosphere of this nordic country.

Grab your cozy scarf, gloves and parka, and explore the beautiful and mysterious atmosphere of the Great White North.

This show presents evocative images that examine the phenomena of this arctic sensation, which makes the time stop for a second and puts us in a state of tranquility. This harsh Canadian climate will lead you to serenity and quietude.

Nàdia Maria : New artist

We are honoured to welcome a new member in The Print Atelier‘s familly, fabulous young artist Nàdia Maria.

Born in 1984, Nàdia Maria is a Brazilian photographer based in Bauru – Sao Paulo. She started to photograph as a child, taking pictures of her dolls. Over the years she explored photography, and has studied at Senac school in Brazil. Her relationship with the camera and the images she captures were born in her childhood, but she became even more involved in her youth, her photography became a personal journal, expressing feelings and transformations from what she was experiencing in her life.

Nàdia transports us into a delicate world,
where her collections portrays an intimate
dialogue with time and reality.

The focus of her inspiration is poetry. And photography is her writing, her intimacy, the light and darkness of her life…

Her poetic and unique works has won recognition by many countries, with publications and exhibitions in: Spain, France, Italy, the USA, Australia, Russia, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), England, China. She has also recently been spotlighted by Vogue and National Geographic Magazines.

The artist is launching two series, Creative Process and Origins. Creative Process is about abstract thoughts that arise through synapses. Images that reflect the first contact, the inspiration and interpretation of this search and capture.

On the other side, Origins portrays an intimate dialogue with time and reality. It talks about the formation of bodies, the identity, the mirror and the hidden powers who run through our organs. This series browse an already finished story, but we still don’t know where it begins and where it ends. Origins was inspired by Nadia’s life different phases, especially from the birth of her daughter, born visually impaired ..

Maria’s sensitive world touched us in many ways and we are proud to count her as a member of The Print Atelier’s familly.

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Dara Scully: A New Artist Joins Us

It was in early fall of this year that we became aware of young Spanish photographer, Dara Scully’s body of work. Channelling the spirits of photographers, both past and present, she could have been the love child of past Lewis Carroll and present Sally Mann. Dara Scully is a writer and photographer whose compelling images of children capture sombre, poetic scenes equal parts fantasy and myth. We are enthused to be welcoming her to The Print Atelier gallery and are so very eager for you to discover her wonderful works!

Scully’s photographs are, for us, some of the most endearing works we’ve shown at The Print Atelier, and there are several reasons for this. The photographs are an exploration of childhood,  at times depicting its innocence, desires never shying away from its cruelty and tenderness. In past interviews about her work, Scully has said:

“I usually understand my work like a book of poems,
like a visual notebook about all my past lives. [...]
I think that, in the end, my photographs are memories.
I never lived them, but they exist.”

In faded forests, enchanting bodies dwell. Death and life are present in the form of creates, insects, prone bodies and bleeding wounds. As a powerful conceptual photographer, Scully has developed the ability to tell single frame stories. Encapsulated sensorial experiences, the visual world of Dara Scully aboard’s the innocence of youth, the pain of growing, the sorrow of death.

In Scully’s world esoteric rituals transpire on quiet leaf beds. The calming effect is often overwhelming; blending reality and fiction, ambiguous scenes invite the viewer to instill their own significance.

The Print Atelier x Friends Without A Border: A Benefit Auction in NYC

The benefit auction for Friends Without A Border raises funds to benefit children’s healthcare in Asia. Following the success of its first project, Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia, Friends has recently built and opened a new pediatric teaching hospital in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, called Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

The Print Atelier is proud the offer the print Clovelly Park Car 2, by our artist Maude Arsenault, at this year’s edition of the event. Maude’s work will be auctioned off along side prints by world-renowned photographers such as Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

The organization will host its signature event, the 18th Annual Friends of Friends Photography Auction, on October 6 in New York City. Can’t make it to New York? Worry not, you may download the auction catalog or even better, get yourself a ticket (or donation) right here.
The event is a few days away!

Founder Kenro Izu, auction committee members Alice Sachs Zimet and Rick Wester, who has also frequently served as the event’s auctioneer, and collector Marsha Askins talk about their experiences with the Friends of Friends Photography Auction.

Last Chance for The Last Stand: Only One Edition Left

Now is the last chance to get your hands on a large format edition of The Last Stand, the most recent transformative series by established artist David Ellingsen!

David is best known for his site-specific installations, landscapes and object studies that speak to the natural world and Man’s impact on it. His latest series, The Last Stand is a look at the forest industry in British Columbia. Davis says of the work that:

"it’s a series about many things but mostly about the environmental crisis. It took me about 5 years to photograph it all together over the time [...] It’s really a look at my family history in logging which is multigenerational. Five generations of my family have been involved in the logging industry in BC"

The Last Stand has been garnering international attention since its first showing back in 2014. Receiving honorable mentions at the 2014 International Photography Awards held in Los Angeles, selected as a finalist in the inaugural LensCulture Earth Awards and appearing in the Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2015 exhibition in London, England, The Last Stand has been quickly gaining global recognition by esteemed panels of international photography experts and his peers alike.

David has been exhibiting his work since 2001 in both solo and group shows within commercial and public galleries in Canada, the USA, Asia, and Europe. His photographs are part of the permanent collections of the Chinese Museum of Photography, the Dana Farber Cancer Centre at Harvard University and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and have been shortlisted for Photolucida’s Critical Mass Book Award, awarded First Place at the Prix de la Photographie Paris and First Place at the International Photography Awards in Los Angeles.

All photographs of The Last Stand were made between 2009 and 2015 each available in large, medium and small format, available to buy online from today. Get the last available edition in the large format exclusively at The Print Atelier.

See works in more detail bellow and read more about David here.

Living With Art

Although buying stunning art works at the click of a button is a thrill within itself, the real magic happens when you finally install the coveted piece in a room. We have a beautiful pinboard called PRINTS IN LOVELY SPACES featuring inspirational rooms filled with impactful works of art. We’ve decided to bring you a roundup of our top rooms featuring photographic prints in all shapes and sizes!

Rising Art Stars: Buy The Works of LM Chabot

Gaze at any given print by the Montreal based duo that is LM Chabot and you will not be left indifferent. Their featured prints have been on The Print Atelier collectors radars since their addition to the gallery catalogue. Treading the fine line between movie stills and mementos, LM Chabot’s stunning images take us on a trip down a communal memory lane, capturing places and spaces that feel as much as a fixture in Americana as hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.

"LM Chabot is the type of co-dependence you dream of. The perfect fusion of technique and instinct, sensitivity and objectivity, naivety and maturity, facial hair and red lipstick"

We are not the only ones that caught eye of their youthful and discerning vision. LM Chabot have been a force to be reckoned with garnering awards and distinctions for both their commercial and personal works. The year 2014 saw their works featured at The Magenta Foundation’s prestigious Flash Forward program. The annual competition showcases the work being created by the very best emerging photographers from Canada, the USA and the UK. Every year, judges from each of the participating countries review submitted work and identify those young people that they believe show great promise as professional fine art or documentary photographers.

This year, notably, they’ve been acclaimed for their whimsical fashion series “Les Grandes Personnes” and our featured travel series “Hawaii’ at the 2015 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards. They had an opportunity to showcase “Les Grandes Personnes” at Chromatic Paris earlier this spring. Chromatic offers a festive gathering where art shines in all its forms : visual, sound , physical, interactive and contemplative .Alongside its 6th edition in Montreal in 2015 Chromatic deployed its first international edition in Paris. Over 110 designer Montreal & Paris from all disciplines and all levels of the city were in view for 3 days. Installation, painting, photography, music, performance, workshops , party : the festive exposure to 360 ° creativity settles for the first time in Paris.

For this latest featured series “Hawaii’’ the dynamic duo that is LM Chabot (Alexandre Chabot and Jolianne L’allier Matteau), have once more pointed their inquisitive lense towards our neighbours to the south. “Hawaii’’ is a study of colors and shapes inspired by nature in its raw state. From surfing scenery to volcanic landscapes, the duo captured the exoticism of this state, lost in the Pacific Ocean. Staying true to themselves, the duo draws us into a series of contemplative moments, where the lack of human presence leaves ample room for a dreamlike environment to remain well preserved.



Style at Home Magazine Showcases
Maude Arsenault's home!

Style at Home Magazine

– one of Canada’s top Deco and Design magazine – presents for its September issue a 6 pages story on The Print Atelier’s curator, Maude Arsenault’s home and art collection. Feel welcome and inspired, as the artworks guide you from room to room, piquing your interest at each glance. Though this impeccably appointed house is not a gallery, it was decorated with the expert eye of a fashion photographer and online gallery owner, and its effect is the same: It beckons you to explore each corner and ask about every piece.

“I’ve always felt that my home is more about showcasing art then it is about design” says Maude

All photos from Style at Home Magazine by Angus McRitchie

The Print Atelier wants to share this idea of a home used as a blank canvas for displaying art that reflects you and your personality which is the secret to successful design. Not surprisingly, in Maude’s house every single wall is white (what gallery’s walls aren’t?). Warm and cool shades, high-gloss and eggshell finishes and wall treatments ranging from beadboard in the dining room to brick in the living room ensure the effect isn’t too sterile. Meanwhile, strong doses of black and grey – the entryway stair runner, living room drapery and dining room table and pendant light, to name a few –punctuate the rooms and ground their airy brightness. This simple palette provides the perfect backdrop for what really brings the space to life: THE ARTWORK. The collection is consistent throughout the whole house – it’s all compelling photography, mostly contemporary, some portraits, in muted colours and with personal meaning for Maude, whether they’re her own works, some of her artists or great finds. Maude’s advice when buying art:

“Dont’ buy something because its good value or the next cool artist… Trust your instincts and invest in something you really love you’ll have to live with it for a long time.”