Laura Pannack is a London-based, award-winning photographer. Renowned for her portraiture and social documentary artwork, she seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer. Driven by research-led, self-initiated projects, Pannack seeks to fully understand the lives of those she captures on film in order to portray them as truthfully as possible. Perceiving ‘time, trust and understanding’ to be the key elements to achieving this, many of her projects develop over several years.

Heaven and Cyanide, LAURA PANNACK, available at

© Laura Pannack, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Pannack gained a degree in editorial photography at the University of Brighton; studied a foundation course in painting at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London; and studied a foundation course at London College of Communication.

Dedicated to developing strong relationships with her subjects, Laura Pannack’s work is always a collaborative endeavour between artist and sitter. Her selected portrait, shot on Nikon, is part of a series she worked on at the very start of her career called The Untitled, which marked the beginning of her interest in youth culture. The project aims to challenge the sweeping generalisations and often negative perceptions of teenagers held by many, by capturing the individuality of each of her subjects.

She works commercially and on self initiated personal projects, her subjects often being young people and teenagers. In addition to her own practice, Pannack lectures, critiques and teaches at universities, workshops and festivals around the world, and in 2015, judged the portrait category in World Photo Press Awards in Amsterdam. Pannack has also been widely published, both commercially and as a photographic artist, with work appearing in The British Journal of Photography, Hotshoe International, Dazed & Confused, The Guardian Weekend, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Independent Review and Creative Review.

Mouldy and Carla, LAURA PANNACK, available at

© Laura Pannack, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Time Has Arrived, LAURA PANNACK, available at

© Laura Pannack, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Shay, LAURA PANNACK, available at

© Laura Pannack, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery

"My work aims to tell and inspire stories. I want to connect and emotionnaly engage with you."

— Laura Pannack

The photographer works with analogue photography and continues to shoot with a film camera on her personal projects. By using traditional methods of working from negatives, as well as shooting with polaroid, she finds beauty in the mistakes that come from working with unpredictable material.

The Prints available on ThePrintAtelier are C Type Digital.

Youth series

I needed to escape, to begin an adventure in my search for meaningful answers. The country’s hazy purple evening light and untouched land allowed me to gather my thoughts. I began to think about how I could visually explore the idea of life and death, that is when I stumbled across the folk tale ‘Youth Without Age and Life Without Death.”

Pannack has created a body of work which is a poetic collision of reality and fantasy. Symbols and cues are playfully introduced and encourage the viewer to embark on their own journey. The series presents a combination of still life, landscapes and portraits shot on expired film.

Her recent project Separation explores the angst and myriad emotions experienced by London-based couples who, as a result of Brexit, have been forced to contemplate separation. With Britain soon to sever its ties with the European Union, tens of thousands of people face the possibility of losing their right to work in the UK, not to mention being forced out of the country that they share with their partner.

All For The Love not the dough, LAURA PANNACK, available at

© Laura Pannack, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Chayla” (John Kobal Award), LAURA PANNACK, available at

© Laura Pannack, courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Awards and Honours

Pannack’s work has been extensively exhibited throughout the UK and abroad, including at The National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House, PAD Paris, Saatchi Gallery, Royal Festival Hall and the Houses of Parliament. Notable group shows include the “Terry O’Neill Photography Award’ group whow, Humble Arts’ 31 Women in Art Photography’ and ”The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize’ group show in both 2009 and 2014. Her solo show, ‘A Collection’ was presented at the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff, and her acclaimed solo show was exhibited with Francesca Maffeo Gallery in October 2016.

She received much acclaim and won numerous awards, among which are the Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2018, Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie Prize 2017, John Kobal Award in 2014, the Best in Show award at 2010′ Foto8 and first place in the Portrait Singles at the World Photo Press Awards in the same year.

More recently, she was awarded the Getty Prestige Grant for her project, Youth Without Age, Life Without Death, a photographic exporation of the fragility of life. This body of work is concerned with themes of time, journeys and the cycle of life and death. Set in the Romanian landscape and created over the past four years it takes inspiration fro a local folk tale, following the story of a young prince on his quest for eternal life. The work sensitively respondws to the strong role that folklore pays within Romanian culture.

"For me, a compelling portrait is one that provokes emotions and encourages an attachment. I like the idea of a threaded connection from subject, to photographer, to viewer – one that flows effortlessly and connects all three."

— Laura Pannack

Andrea Modica the Intimacy of Time


Andrea Modica is a renowned photographer based out of Philadelphia. Her works extends from landscape, still life, even baseball to famously large scale camera portraitures. Juggling between the known and the unknown by addressing a variety of themes and individuals, Andrea Modica blurs the limits of time and space while offering the audience photographs with infinite possibilities.

Andrea Modica was born in Brooklyn, New-York, and now lives in Philadelphia. She teaches photography at Drexel University & the International Center of Photography in addition to being a renowned and acclaimed photographer internationally. She first wanted to be a painter and entered the Brooklyn Museum Art School with a painting career in mind.  Fascinated by abstract expressionism since her young age, it’s at Purchase College, the State University of New-York that she took on photography classes and officially decided to swap her brushes against a camera.

Determined to be an artist ‘no matter what‘, she studied platinum printing with Yale School of Art teacher Jed Devine, already intrigued by the alternative printing processes.

Andrea Modica was primarily largely recognized for the Barbara and Treadwell series.

It is in 1986 that Andrea met Barbara and her large family of 14 children. Young, full of ambition and far from the urban environments to which she was accustomed, Andrea developed an interest for this rural family both personally and professionally. After a fifteen years relationship, the entire group became the subject of an important number of works appearing in the Treadwell & Barabra monographs. In October 2007, Barbara died of severe diabetes, leaving behind a great friendship and a generous photo registry.

Treadwell traces the life of this rural family from childhood to adulthood using the big 8×10 ” camera Modica is known for. The platinum print series, created in a editions of 20, offer a poetic and poignant reality resulting from an evolutive practice created by the intimacy developed between both the artist and her subjects.

Like the girls' school, like the halfway house, like the town Sicily, like Barbara and her family, it's a group of people that let me come back and photograph again and again. Which is what I do.

— Andrea Modica


Andrea Modica creates her photographs using an 8×10 camera and Kodak Tri-x films. Of a size and a considerable weight, the artist camera allows her to consider photography from a meditative angle as she can focus on precision and minutia with her subjects.

Far from being reluctant to the temporal consequences that such a device can impose, she rather embraces this slow and deliberate process and benefits from its intimate feel. 

Modica’s photographs are the result of a hand-coated platinum process method performed by herself in her darkroom studio. Using 8×10 platinum palladium print by contact, printed on transparent vellum paper or graphic layout paper, trimmed and then affixed to an 11×14 archival drawing paper, the photographs are unique, being a part of a meticulous technic used in the 19th century and guaranteeing life span of a thousand years. The hand-coated platinum process nevertheless promises rich tones, spectacular visual effect and a unique result.

Still attached to the darkroom process, Andrea Modica works for hours in solitary, she is attached to the fulfillment that comes from such a traditional method.


'' The camera is big and heavy and the process is slow and deliberate, permitting information to unfold before the lens. The results remain suprising and endlessly interesting to me. ''

— Andrea Modica

Caeser Fresian, Tenectomy of the long digital extension tendon, 2014. Upcoming is a book of photographs made at a horse clinic in Italy, titled Discipline Equestri.

Whatever she photographs, she also feels it. Horrified, delighted, surprised, the intensity and uncertainty required by Modica’s technical process stands out of the documentary aspect of photography. The entire narrative of the photographs is rarely precised or revealed making us wonder about possible contexts, subjects. The artist however juxtaposes beauty and meaning, tension over simplicity, sensuality on darkness creating this way a never ending dialogue between her audience and the images.


Andrea Modica is a Guggenheim Fellow, a Fullbright Scholar  and is also the recipient of the Akron Art Museum’s 2015 Knights Purchase Award which recognizes the achievements of a living artist who made or is still making major contributions in the field of photography.

Her photographs have been parts of an impressive amounts of solo and group exhibitions, especially at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts.

She’s also been featured in  many magazines, including the New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, Newsweek and American Photo.

You can find Modica’s photographs in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the International Museum of Photography and Film at the George Eastman House, and the Bibliotheque Nationale.

Her books include Treadwell, Minor League, Barbara, Human Being, Foutain and most recently As We Wait. Her most recent monograph is a collection of portraits of Mummer Wenches, titled January 1.

'' Sometimes something is so frightening I must look at it this closely or dismiss it altogether. Sometimes it's so stunningly beautiful I feel completely left out. With either extreme, photographing makes me have to deal with it. ''

— Andrea Modica

Spring & Summer 2019 at The Print Atelier




*Maude is here with american artist Eric Pickersgill


Artists / Artistes :

Reiner Riedler   Molly Soda   Eric Pickersgill
Holly Andres  Satoshi Fujiwara  Bettina Hoffman
Brendan Geaorge Ko  Sian Davey

Art Souterrain it’s :

150 000 visitors/visiteurs
75 000 social medias shared/réseaux sociaux

Amazing Press !!!
Nombre record d’articles de presse
mettant en vedette les artistes présentés par Maude :

Le Monde, La vie des Arts,
The Eye of Photography, The Concordian +++

*From March 2nd – 24th, 2019

By Holly Andres

By Brendan George Ko

By Eric Pickersgill

By Siân Davey

By Bettina Hoffmann

By Reiner Riedler


Maude Arsenault


États féminins en mouvance, essai n ° 1,
March 20th – 23th 2019
@ Galerie ERGA

And it was a HUGE success!!!

Thank you to the hundreds of people who came by
& for the collectors who left with a piece of Maude’s work !




Summer is almost here !!!
It might not be the best time to visit
galleries or museum…

But what’s best then browsing ART while you’re
enjoying a martini under the shade ?

Watch out for our upcoming Fall program…

We are working hard to put together an amazing new selection of works, artists
amazing new content!

***Be in touch if there’s anything we should be aware of.

Art Souterrain - Maude Arsenault Commissaire invité

Art Souterrain 2019

Maude Arsenault is Curating the international photography program!

Maude Arsenault s’associe à Art Souterrain pour un festival d’art public unique en son genre, s’étendant sur 6 km durant 3 semaines du 2 mars au 24 mars 2019 !


Artistes invités :

Reiner Riedler
Molly Soda
Sian Davey
Eric Pickersgill
Holly Andres
Satoshi Fujiwara
Bettina Hoffman
Brendan Geaorge Ko

Maude Arsenault, Curator / Commissaire invitée

ART SOUTERRAIN’S FESTIVAL  is back for its 11th edition in the heart of the Montreal's underground city.

From March 2nd to 24th, 2019, contemporary art will invest 6 km of Montreal’s underground pedestrian network and 8 satellite venues to present, for 3 weeks, contemporary works of art by 60 local and international artists around the theme:

“The true of the false”

The works selected by the 3 Curators: Maude Arsenault, Martin Le Chevalier & Joyce Yahouda, will be available at all time for free.

In addition, the Festival will offer mediation activities and artistic discoveries.

Check out ARTSOUTERRAIN‘s website for all the details…

LE FESTIVAL ART SOUTERRAIN est de retour pour une 11 édition au cœur de la métropole.

Du 2 au 24 mars 2019, l’art contemporain investira 6 km du réseau piétonnier souterrain de Montréal et 8 lieux satellites pour présenter, pendant 3 semaines, des œuvres d’art contemporain d’une soixantaine d’artistes locaux et internationaux autour du thème:

« Le Vrai du Faux »

Les œuvres sélectionnées par les 3 commissaires: Maude Arsenault, Martin Le Chevallier et Joyce Yahouda, seront accessibles en tout temps gratuitement.

De plus le Festival proposera des activités de médiation et de découvertes artistiques.


South Africa by LM Chabot

We are proud to present South Africa, a new series by LM Chabot.

We are proud to finally present the new series of works South Africa shot by the powerful and inspired duo
LM Chabot.

The artists, shot those photographs entirely on film, while they spent 4 months road tripping around South Africa in 2016.

Working on the study of colours and shapes and always inspired by nature in its raw state, the new series is pure representation of LM Chabot signature style, offering beautiful, vivid, graphic and intimate images where composition, symmetry and history comes together.



It’s finally this time of the year where we get to enjoy the heat, relax by the pool, spend long hours reading and why not, discover new Artists and Artworks !

What could be a better place to do this then Online!
From the comfort of your lounge chair, let yourself immerse in the discovery of inspiring works from our talented artists…

Eglantine Lavogez
joins us

The Print Atelier is enthused to present Eglantine Lavogez and her diptych series titled "Getting Closer".

Eglantine Lavogez is a young photographer based in Paris. Her vision is characterized by a search of daily aesthetic and harmony to be found through her immediate environment.  As so many before her, she wonders around town, searching for an element or a structure that will catch her eye and push her to stop.

Photography allows her to get away from a confined universe and to create her own rules. The strength of her photographs resides in their spontaneity : nothing is forced, nothing is reflexive, everything is about instinct and the present moment.

"I  take  photos  for  the  aesthetic  pleasure,  it  feeds  my  graphic  view  of  the  world,  I  don’t  do  it  to  document. [...] Playing  with  colors  and  materials,  I  try  to  put  my  focus  on  detail,  cut  to  the  essential  and  give  relief  to  heaviness.  After  all,  who  says  we  can’t  find  excitement  in  the  boredom  of  routine?"

Two great series by
Alana Riley

The Print Atelier is honoured to present in collaboration with Joyce Yahouda Gallery, 2 spectacular series by Alana Riley.

In her self-portraits titled, "Support System" and "The Pressure between you and me is enough to take a picture", Alana uses unpredictable human encounters as part of her photographic process.

Alana Riley is a photo/video-based artist, currently living in Montreal, Canada. She holds a B.F.A. from Concordia University in Montreal and an M.F.A. from the Roski School of Fine Arts at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Riley’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, the United States, Europe and China.

In 2010, Riley was awarded the Pierre-Ayot Prize by the City of Montreal and the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries (AGAC), as well as being nominated as a finalist of the Emerging Photographers of Canada by the Magenta Foundation. Riley has participated in artist residencies in Quebec, Ireland and Germany. Alana Riley’s work is represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery and her works are also available through The Print Atelier.

"The Pressure between you and me is enough to take a picture"

For this series, the artist entered stangers’ work environments and asked to take a photo with them, with the shutter-release cord placed between their bodies. The photo was therefore taken at the moment of closest physical contact.

"Support System"

For this series, Riley invited strangers passing by her studio in downtown Montreal to come up and lie on top of her, for the duration of a shooting sequence of a medium-format roll of film of 10 frames. One image was chosen as the final portrait.

New works by
Guillaume Hébert

We are excited to launch a new series by Guillaume Hébert developed during his recent trip to Europe.

Guillaume’s work is related to a form of expressionism. He captures the passage of time and changes by noticing the small elements of an ever evolving life journey.

What he is looking for at first and foremost, are unusual and transitory scenes that nobody notices despite their interest, incredible colour schemes or emotional evocation. Observation is the key to his approach.

Rachel Wolfe
New Artist

We are proud to introduce new artist Rachel Wolfe at the The Print Atelier !

Rachel Wolfe is an interdisciplinary artist whose images and installations create a sensual and emotive view the relationship between Vision and Body.

Her monolithic image and text, Omniscient, recently won 1st place by the jury in the Imagining New Eurasia exhibition at Asia Culture Center in Gwanju, South Korea. She holds an MFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Rachel lives and works in Los Angeles and Oslo.

"The essential questions I work with are meditations on the Nature of Desire, or what moves a Body? I create art to consider aesthetic experience as a forum for conversations about the relationship between Vision and the Body."

"I seek to balance this spectrum of cognition, perception and emotion through the artwork I make centered on the felt senses. These art are not about my own emotion or feeling persay, but rather meditations on the senses themselves."

Fall 2017

The 2017 start of the  "Art season"  brought a lot of excitement to The Print Atelier !

First, Mobilità, the exhibition, a brand new website, a new collaboration with an established art gallery and fabulous new artists to discover !

On September 19, renowned curators Joyce Yahouda and Maude Arsenault gathered over 350 people to launch Mobilità, a contemporary art event presented by Genesis Motors Canada.

Mobilità is about being alive as a form of movement and seizing the opportunity as it comes. Mobilità is a striking encounter between an up-and-coming car and an open-minded, fluid selection of contemporary art reflecting people, places, shapes and ideas.

The event featured close to thirty artworks, including photography, video, and sculpture, by Canadian and international artists Max Abadian, Maude Arsenault, Jacques Bilodeau, Annie Briard, David Ellingsen, Moridja Kitenge Banza, Nicolas Mavrikakis, François Ollivier, Le Pigeon, Alana Riley, Stephen Schofield, Daniel Shipp, Victor Vargas Villafuerte, Louise Viger, Paul Wong and Lee Yanor.



Browse through a more interactive design, the new THE PRINT ATELIER platform offers a more exciting and intuitive way to discover and research works & artists.

Experience new sections such as our Curated COLLECTIONS, exciting new COLLABORATIONS, interviews with art stars CURATORS and tons of BLOG posts bringing you fresh and inspiring content from the art world.

Joyce Yahouda collection

The Print Atelier is proud to partner with established curator and gallery owner Joyce Yahouda through a selection of art works of Joyce’s choice.

Since 2002, Joyce Yahouda has been the director / curator of Joyce Yahouda Gallery promoting contemporary art in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, performance, photography, installation, sculpture, video, web based and digital art.

We are excited to be offering this selection of works curated by Joyce, now available online at The Print Atelier!

The Print Atelier teams up with Art Money. The new way to buy art !!!
Take your art home and pay for it later. 10 payments. Interest free.
Visit Art Money here.

We are so happy to introduce Linda Rutenberg as part of our collective!

Linda started as a fine art photographer 30 years ago. She has a BFA in film and music and an MFA in Photography from Concordia University. Linda has taught photography and worked on projects which have resulted in fifteen publications and numerous exhibitions.

Her fine artwork has been exhibited internationally and most recently in Canada, the US and England. Her photography series including her latest work The Gaspé Peninsula are all explorations of the relationship between the environment and its people.

Linda’s work has been purchased by many prominent corporate collections, it is in the National Gallery of Canada and the archives of the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris.



The Print Atelier & Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Partner with Genesis Motors Canada for an exclusive contemporary art event!



Max Abadian, Maude Arsenault, Jacques Bilodeau, Annie Briard, David Ellingsen, Moridja Kitenge, Nicolas Mavrikakis, François Ollivier, Le Pigeon, Alana Riley, Stephen Schofield, Daniel Shipp, Victor Vargas Villafuerte, Louise Viger, Paul Wong, Lee Yanor

Watch the video...Discover Mobilità !

This video was produced by Fiz Studio

On September 19, renowned curators Joyce Yahouda and Maude Arsenault launched Mobilità, a contemporary art event presented by Genesis Motors Canada.

Mobilità is about being alive as a form of movement and seizing the opportunity as it comes. Mobilità is a striking encounter between an up-and-coming car and an open-minded, fluid selection of contemporary art reflecting people, places, shapes and ideas.

The event featured close to thirty artworks, including photography, video, and sculpture, by Canadian and international artists Max Abadian, Maude Arsenault, Jacques Bilodeau, Annie Briard, David Ellingsen, Moridja Kitenge Banza, Nicolas Mavrikakis, François Ollivier, Le Pigeon, Alana Riley, Stephen Schofield, Daniel Shipp, Victor Vargas Villafuerte, Louise Viger, Paul Wong and Lee Yanor.

“Mobilità is movement, the capacity to move; it is mobility. We live in a mobile era, undoubtedly more than ever before in the history of non-nomadic cultures.

If instability and the absence of seemingly immutable material or emotional bonds constitute the fragile face of mobility, the notion is also paired with a number of desirable conditions, such as fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, accessibility, diversity, exchange, freedom and discovery – all of which hold strength. As Lafontaine’s reed that merely bends when the winds blow wild.

Mobilità is about having seized the opportunity as it passed, one that allowed for the meeting of two curators who produced an open-minded, fluid selection of  works of contemporary art by Canadian and international artists.

Movement in these works is temporal; it traverses history or intervenes in the space-time continuum of a landscape; it is physical, visible or intensely contained; it is lyrical and suggested; it is expressed through song and dance; it is documented; it is conveyed by ideas or empathy; it is shaped in clay and stilled behind a lens.

Mobilità is being alive.”

– Jennifer Couëlle

Following the opening, last night, you are now able to continue exploring Mobilità as a collection in Browse art here on The Print Atelier.

View here the fabulous video of the evening including interviews with the curators: Joyce Yahouda and Maude Arsenault.  Browse through images of the evening and take a closer look at the works and learn more about the artists through Mobilità’s collection only for a limited time.

For over three decades, Joyce Yahouda has been promoting emerging and established artists. As director and curator of Joyce Yahouda Gallery, she has served on the boards of several art organizations. She is co-founder and one of the curators of HB, a portfolio magazine dedicated to contemporary drawing. In 2012, her gallery received the AGAC award for Gallery Owner of the Year. She has organized exhibitions in London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Rio, and Montreal, promoting Quebec artists working in various disciplines, and is currently working on a variety of projects in Canada and abroad.

The event Mobilità is a prestigious partnership between contemporary art and a luxury automotive brand, Genesis.

Thanks to our sponsor Genesis who competes with top, luxury automotive brands with vehicles that deliver refined performance and athletic elegance in design. Distinguishing Genesis is a focus on delivering a stress-free, human-centred customer experience. Through the Genesis at Home concierge-style service, Genesis comes to you, the customer, for test drive, purchase, and maintenance.

With Genesis, Canadian creative professionals like Maude Arsenault save the time they need to better pursue their passions.

This unique exhibition gives art lovers multiple touch points to explore fascinating artwork. Thanks to Genesis we’re able to provide a customized art experience.” says Maude Arsenault, curator of The Print Atelier.

Genesis goes beyond offering exceptional vehicles by providing a human-centred purchase and ownership experience based on an understanding of the value of time," says Michael Ricciuto, Brand Director of Genesis.


"By supporting Mobilità, we’re empowering one of our talented ambassadors to spend time on what she loves.”

A total of six new Genesis models will launch by 2021 and will compete with the world’s most renowned luxury automotive brands. All Genesis vehicles sold in Canada feature set, all-inclusive pricing, Genesis at Home concierge for sales and service, complimentary scheduled maintenance, an excellent comprehensive warranty, and more.

Visit to learn more.

New Series By
Martina + Reem

How excited we are at The Print Atelier to be introducing 2 new series by Martina + Reem, colourful and powerful artworks that are just groundbreaking!

Martina + Reem are a duo of photographers who currently reside in Toronto, Canada. They met while studying at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Combining photography with their prior backgrounds in art, their work explores elements of the fantastical in reality. Their signature has been described as conceptual and ethereal. They are highly influenced by art, nature and music.

" This time, the beloved duo artist offer us two series: Dizzy Ghosts and Exsangue ! "

Dizzy Ghosts is a series of 4 photographs taken in the Highlands of Scotland. The slightly spooky atmosphere, with a touch of mystery, puts emphasis on the greatness of the trees. These giants stand tall and proud despite hardships. As Martina + Reem point out: ”Storms make trees take deeper roots”.

Exsangue is part of a never-ending series. The search for a true home when your heart does not know what it desires. The colourful artworks bring an abnormal feeling but yet refreshing. This ethereal series truly shows the signature look of Martina + Reem.