Robin was born in Annecy. He has followed a rather unique career path; other than being a very talented photographer, he holds a doctorate in nanophysics and worked in both fields concurrently until recently. In 2006 while working for IBM in NYC, his work started to emerge, be recognized and requested in the art/fashion scene. He now lives in Montreal, Canada and specializes in portraits, fashion and what he recalls “urban discovery”. Through his portraits he is able to express life in a powerfull visual language and, through his exploration, reaches and surpasses the limits of conventional photography – without losing the notion of reality and humanity, Since 2009, Robin has been studying the close relationship between people, physical space and water; and experimenting in original ways to combine water and people in natural, original environments.

He believes that with his background in science, he approaches his photography without preconceptions, ‘stepping out with his camera to explore the world without any defined direction.’ He attempts always to find the ‘unusual beautiful’ and often works in what he describes as ‘downtrodden urban environments’ seeking to create imaginary stories with a single shot. He is interested in exploring how our brains process visual perceptions and creating ambiguities around those same processes.

Most recently Cerutti was named the official photographer for the “Ella es astronoma/She is an astronomer” exhibition in Mexico as part of the “internatinal year of astronomy” project. His photos of women astronomers were exhibited for four months at the Museo de la Luz in Mexico City. Upon closing after the initial run, the exposition travelled around different public areas and schools in Mexico City.

Artists Cocoon Hugh Coltman and Claire Denamur, performers of the Sober and Gentle Label have posed for Robin’s lens.

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Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 Chromatic 2016, Society for Art and Technology, Montreal
2012 Chromatic 2012, Society for Art and Technology, Montreal
2009 She’s an Astronomer, Museo de la Luz, Mexico City
2008 Invited Exhibition by Kiton and Damiani for the American Italian Cancer Association, NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Rite de passage, Sidlee Exhibition Space, Collective, Montreal