A native of Saint Martin d’Hères, France, Nicolas has lived in Milan, Grenoble and Montreal but is now based in Paris where he is a practicing architect.

Nicolas views that activity as complementary to his photography. “Creation in architecture is a dense, slow and complex process closely tied to fiction. The working architect is a perpetual day-dreamer attempting to transpose an intuition about the relationship between the human and landscape. Photography is a more intense and instantaneous process focused on the moment and a psychological relationship with the subject.”

He is inspired both by the ‘monumental timelessness’ of artists such as Judd, Serra or Turrell and the ‘psychologists’ Caravaggio and Weegee.

For more information visit his website: www.sistonicolas.com

Créateur de la compagnie Ether Architecture Company.

Professeur de développement photographique en chambre noire.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2010Silence de l’instant, Paris
2010Reflexes, Paris
2009Reflexes, Alpes D’huez

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012Triumph of caissaTretyakov gallery , Moskow
2012Irène Magazine, Paris




2012ERR Magazine
2012Irène Magazine