Linda Rutenberg started as a fine art photographer 30 years ago. She has a BFA in film and music and an MFA in Photography from Concordia University. Linda has taught photography and worked on projects which have resulted in fifteen publications and numerous exhibitions. In 1995 she opened Camera Lucida Image Centre in Montreal which housed a darkroom rental facility, a lab, a school and a gallery. In 1997 she co-founded Galerie Mistral, a fine art photography gallery in Montreal, Canada and served as its director for five years. Currently, Linda creates, teaches, lectures and inspires young artists mentoring them to bridge the gap between art and business.

Her fine artwork has been exhibited internationally and most recently in Canada, the US and England. Her series Urban Visions, One Island – Many Cities,  Mont-Royal, The Spiritual Landscape and The Garden at Night and her latest work The Gaspé Peninsula are all explorations of the relationship between the environment and its people. Linda’s work has been purchased by many prominent corporate collections, it is in the National Gallery of Canada and the archives of the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris.

She is also a full-time Mentor, Coach, Incubator Manager and Chief of Inspiration Officer at Dawson College.


1997 B.F.A., specializing in film and music, Sir George Williams University, Montreal
1985 M.F.A. in Visual Arts, specializing in photography, Concordia University, Montreal

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Arts Sutton, Sutton Quebec July
2015 Stewart Hall, “The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time”, Pointe Claire, September
2015 Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, “The Garden at Night”, June
2015 Musée du Bas-Saint- Laurent, “The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time”, Rivière du Loup, January
2015 Maison de la Culture, “The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time”, Sainte Anne des Monts, January
2014 Avenue Mont-Royal, “The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time”, Outdoor Exhibition, Montréal
2014 Musée Acadien à Bonaventure, “The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time”, Bonaventure, September to November
2014 Musée de la Gaspésie “The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time”, Rencontres photographiques de la Gaspésie, Gaspé August
2014 Musée de la Gaspésie, Gaspé, June to October
2012 RVPR, “Après Minuit,” Vallée Richelieu, Quebec, June
2012 Kamouraska, ” The Edge of Time”, Kamouraska, Québec, June
2012 Morven Museum, “The Garden at Night,” Princeton, NJ, June
2010 Eden Project, “Eden at Night” Cornwall, England, July
2010 Museum of Garden History, “The Garden at Night”, London, England, July
2010 Hoopers Gallery, “The English Garden at Night”, London, England, June
2009 Chateau de Ramsey, “Natura Obscura” Montreal, May- October
2009 Cote Saint-Luc Library, “ The Garden at Night” Montreal, July
2008 Montreal Botanical Gardens, ”After Midnight” Montreal, May-October
2008 Galerie Pangée, Montreal, July
2008 Missouri Botanical Gardens, St Louis, Missouri, March- May
2009 Jardin de Métis, Grand-Métis, Quebec, May-October

Group Exhibitions

2012 Kamouraska, “Seuil , Temporelle” Kamouraska,, Quebec, June
2009 “Flora” Studio Georgeville, Georgeville, Quebec, June
2009 “Rencontres Photographique”, Kamouraska, July
2005 “Viewpoint “Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, May
2004 “City in Focus” Galerie Stewart Hall, Montreal, December
2004 “Time Stands Still” Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto, May
2003 “Mirada Furtiva” Espacio Mexico, Montreal, September
2002 “Photos/Photographie, Galerie Berenson, Montreal, September

Lectures, Grants & Prizes

2000 Roloff Benny Award, Honourable Mention  – $5000 award
1995 Mission Photographique de Montréal
1993 Minister of Communications, Project Grant, June
1988 Canada Council, travel grant, November
1985 Ministère des affaires culturelles, December
1985 Ministère des affaires culturelles, December

Book Publications

2014 The Gaspe: Land on the Edge of Time, Editions Del Busso (french) Verve  Editions, (English)
2010 The English Garden at Night- Intimate Visions of Public Edens, Thames and Hudson
2008 After Midnight Through the Seasons at the Montreal Botanical Garden, Verve Editions
2007 The Garden at Night- Private Views of Public Edens, Chronicle Books
1997-2004 Secret Series- Fifteen books, ECW Press
1999 Mount Royal–A World Apart, November

Other Publications

2014 La Presse, “Linda Rutenberg : fille ionsoumise de Szilasi”, September
2014 Vie des Arts,” Des images découpées au scalpel”, Fall
2014 The Gazette, “Winter descends on Mount Royal Avenue”, October
2014 Echo of the Bay, September
2010 Landscape and Architecture, September
2010 Amateur Photographer, July
2010 Royal Society of Photography, June
2009 Photo Solutions, January
2008 La Presse, May 17
2007-2008 Concordia University Magazine, ”Night Vision” Winter
2007 Outdoor Photographer, December
2007 Washington Post, December 2
2007 Money & Wealth, Fall
2007 The Gazette, October 15
2007 The Chronicle-West End Edition, October 3
2005 The Gazette, Art Reviews “The City in Focus”, January
2005 Canadian Jewish News– Art Scene, ”Review of Night Series”, January
2001 The Gazette,” Selling your art, not your soul”, April
2001 “The Power of Reflection”, Exhibition catalogue, September
2000 Voir, Exhibition, May
2000 The Gazette, Review, May
2000 The Gazette, Books, Review, May


Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France

Musée du Québec (Québec)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal (Québec)

Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston (Ontario)

Vancouver Presentation House, Vancouver (British Columbia)

Centro de la Fotographia Alvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Breakwater Capital

Royal Bank

ECW Press

Standard Life

Toronto Dominion Bank

RBC Securities

Banque Nationale, Montreal (Québec)

Bain Corporation, Toronto (Ontario)

First Marathon, Montreal (Québec)

Equifax Inc., Montreal (Québec)

Numerous personal collections