Le Pigeon was born in Montreal’s east end, where he first discovered life ‘anywhere than in the schoolyard’ and then took to street photography or perhaps photography of the streets. Le Pigeon’s states that “If I’m often caught looking at the ground it’s because I have an unbridled passion for feet, especially those of women.”

An autodidact who shoots on film with a 35mm camera, Le Pigeon has just published his first book, a retrospective of his ‘point and shoot’ work. His work has also been featured in magazines such as Perle, SNAP, Nightlife, Urbania and Vice.

For more information on LePigeon visit: lepigeonmtl.tumblr.com


2012Chromatic, Society of Art and Technology, Montreal


2015Pourquoi tu me shoot pas, art book, limited edition
2011Le Pigeon