The Print Atelier is an independent online gallery that strives to participate in the flowering of photographic culture by deploying a relationship of exchange with its community. Founded in Montreal, Canada by photographer and curator Maude Arsenault, the gallery is dedicated to promoting contemporary photography that supports a new generation of artists and collectors.

Through online web features, occasional art fairs presence, pop-ups show, book distribution and online exhibitions, every work we offer is hand-printed by the artist or by our dedicated photo lab, in small editions with the best archival printing methods available.

The aim of The Print Atelier is to encourage young collectors to fall in love with an art photograph and to develop a strong appreciation and understanding of the art photography market of today.

As a fairly young art platform, we strive to be “THE reference in contemporary art photography” on the web.

The Print Atelier offers a “One Stop” destination for art photography lovers, artists, curators and collectors.

Our gallery is unique, presenting a highly curated selection of limited edition works, from emerging and established international artists, offering all archival museum photographs for purchase online and delivered to the collector’s home with a signed artist certificate of authenticity.

The Print Atelier is proud to have brought together a roster of artists that are unrivalled in today’s art market. Over the years, we have also proudly established relationships with collectors from around the world & with leading actors in photography such as Philips Auction House, Artsy, Artnet, Art Souterrain, ICP, Contact Festival, Artsper, Collectionair, Magenta Foundation and many established Art galleries.

Our mission is to make the process of collecting and discoveringart photography an enriching experience for all photography lovers.

Meet the founder:

Maude Arsenault

Photographer and Curator

In founding The Print Atelier my desire is to create a unique platform that reunite a collective of the best international artists in photography whose work touches me. I hope those that visit our gallery will be won over by the incredible impact and power of an Art Photograph. »

« Over the years, I’ve developed a good knowledge of the photography world and I realized my community and therefore probably many others interested in Art Photography would welcome an online platform giving them a better access to the Contemporary Art photo world. What matters to me the most is that The Print Atelier inspires people to start collecting Photography and for Artists to find a platform that devotes itself to the promotion of their work through a multi channel and 21st century approach. »