New vision for TPA

Author: Maude Arsenault

Maude Arsenault is a Canadian photographer, artist and curator who first had an international career in fashion. In recent days her work has been particularly invested in the representation of young woman in the context of domesticity and intimacy. She is interested in the notion of identity and the place of women and youth in our changing society. In 2013, she founded the online collective and gallery The Print Atelier.

If there is one thing that has been of particular concern to me for some time, as an artist and citizen of this changing world, it is the influence of social medias and technologies in our lives and how they distort our relation to reality and time.

Whether as a message, in its form, dissemination or reach, we live in an age where our communications are increasingly fast, fabricated and tampered with.

Our relationships with others are undeniably tinged and altered by all the images and messages we receive every day on our devices. Our gestures on the web are dissected, categorized and sometimes judged. We often find ourselves almost sequestered by algorithms in an imposed and non-objective projection of reality. It seems like we are seeing things more and more collectively.

Even we, as individuals, are transforming ourselves into potential images, fine-tuning our appearance and poses in a world where homogeneity is taking over and the notion of intimacy and originality is slowly disappearing. As Fred Ritchin mentions it in his book Beyond Photography: “With the screens, our homes are no longer private retreats, but they have become the limits of the webcam.” The way we represent ourselves has become a form of continuous slideshow on a lit screen.

This new virtual reality makes life more intangible then ever and here at ThePrintAtelier, we have been wondering how we can make a deeper connection with our audience…Even though the number of images circulating in cyberspace can seem alarming we believe that photography can be the starting point to leading meaningful conversations…

At ThePrintAtelier we are proud to have embraced, early on, the web as a new form of diffusion for art, but now in 2019, we feel it’s time to do more!

As the founder and curator, I believe ThePrintAtelier can be more invested in the purposeful role of photography. We want the work we present to be rooted in a contextual format and more stimulating for our collectors and visitors.

Images online are viewed through the power of the eye, Aristote would say, shouldn’t we try to have more power over the way we see them?

From now on we will be more proactive…and we will give matter to the voices rather than just showing images, to make sure that the context makes its way to you, our community.

As of today, TPA won’t only be a portal to acquire and browse through amazing photographs but it will become a place to share ideas, read critical essays and articles, stimulating interviews and get the latest news in photography.

Follow us closely as this new adventure will most certainly be quite a photo enriching ride!!!


Maude Arsenault
Founder of ThePrintAtelier

**The incredible roster of artists represented on this platform all work in the perspective of helping us understand the world in a better way. They all have a practice that documents life in the aim to illustrate the complexity of our relationship to reality or again they create a commentary on the staged state of modern life.