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Nicolas Denicourt

Let’s hear more about his journey as a successful art blogger and what he has picked as his favourite artworks from The Print Atelier as our guest curator of the month.

Self-confessed art obsessed, Nicolas Denicourt is the voice behind true phenomenon blog “Think Outside the Box” (TOTB), leading an ever growing 85 000 followers community of passionate enthusiasts following the daily finds of the young visionary man with a taste for contemporary art.

Having always been interested in culture and the art world, Denicourt started his studies in “cabinet-making” before redirecting his career as a graphic designer. Quickly opening his own design studio (LAB) and working on the side at creating TOTB in the objective of sharing ideas with friends, he rapidly became fully involved in pursuing his passion and work with TOTB. Now occupied with his constant sharing of the eccentric findings he discovers every day, he still managed to find time to answer a few questions for us!


The Print Atelier: How have you developed your passion for art and would you be able to point the exact moment when you decided to officially redirect your career towards a more creative and artistic aspect?

Nicolas Denicourt:  I would say that it is through electronic music that I developed my taste for art. I remember at the time I could spend my days looking at the artwork on vinyl records at “Atom Heart”. This curiosity led me into following a graphic design course, and this is where it really all started. It was during my studies at “Salette” that I created “Think Outside The Box”, aiming to share my inspirations with classmates. In the beginning, there were only about thirty subscribers and now I get messages every day from people all around the world.

Where do you find the artists and the works you present on TOTB?

It is truly a mix of many sources. I try to diversify my publications by digging a little bit everywhere: museums, galleries, magazines, blogs … I could spend an entire week solely on research. I also get a lot of good content referred by friends & fans who share my passion for art. I even appreciate those awkward moments when people ask me to publish their vacation pictures.

Would you be able to name a particular artwork that has stand out for you in 2014?

Honestly, I could not pick just a single image or work, but I can say that I fell in love with the work of Benoit Paillé, an artist from my own city (Montréal ) with whom I will have the chance to work with in the coming months.

According to you, what is the main difference between photographic Artworks and other medium in contemporary Art?

Since a photographer is framing what you could also see with your human eyes, I find it fascinating when they create an image that feels extraordinary. It challenges how you generally look at things.

I remember this time when I first saw Camille Claudel’s sculptures at the Musée Rodin in Paris. In front of La Petite Châtelaine I suddenly had a very strong emotional reaction. This specific sculpture was so full of life, I could almost see it breathing.

Although photography is also a still Art, I am always impressed when you feel the life that emanates from it.

If you had the chance to meet any artist, who would it be and why?

Gregory Crewdson for his work that sometimes flirts with madness. He manages to create magical scenes all from very ordinary places. He masters artificial light remarkably and pays careful attention to the smallest detail. It must be said that he is working with cinema-like budgets and teams, all to end with a single image. The fact that he seems genuinely very friendly also influenced my choice. I highly recommend the documentary:”Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters“.

What makes photography so special compared to other artistic mediums?

I think people are more responsive to photography because it is more accessible nowadays and they can better understand what it involves than with other mediums. Everyone can claim to be a photographer now with the new technology but the difference between “anyone” and professional artists is still a world apart.

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