Get to know your next favorite artists! Learn about his or her background, the work’s historical context and complete story behind every photograph. Whether you’re discovering a new artist or renewing with an old one, we are always excited to embark you on a journey of discoveries. Here are some of our artist’s preferred works and new projects…

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Robin Cerutti & François Ollivier

Discover works from Cerutti and Ollivier’s most intriguing under worlds.

As part of the Guest Curator series, The Print Atelier invites a creative, collector or taste-maker to curate an exclusive collection of photographs from the gallery. Read on and follow us on a journey of discovery as they share insights into their inspirations, the role that art plays in their lives, their personal styles or the prized art pieces in their own collections.

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Andrea Modica the Intimacy of Time

Andrea Modica is a renowned photographer based in Philadelphia. Her works extends from landscape, still life, even baseball to famously large portraitures. Juggling between the known and the unknown…

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Spring & Summer 2019 at The Print Atelier

Summer is almost here...what could be better then browsing through Art while you’re enjoying a martini on your lounge chair under a shady tree?

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Art Souterrain – Maude Arsenault Commissaire invité

Maude Arsenault is Curating the international photography program! Maude Arsenault s’associe à Art Souterrain pour un festival d’art public unique en son genre, s'étendant sur 6 km durant 3 semaines…

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