Hector Adalid

Raramuri 2

by Hector Adalid

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Raramuri is a series of landscapes in the North part of Mexico in the estate of Chihuahua. The pictures were created with 120mm black and white film, shot on a Rolleiflex Camera and on 35mm black and white film, shot with a a Leica M6 and a 38 summicron lens without digital manipulation. " You know where a journey starts, but you never know where it ends. " Alejandro Jodorowsky. The artist has been going to photograph in Chihuahua for many years now. Over the years, he has made friends that live in the region’s mountains. The Raramuri are one on the 62 native American groups still living in Mexico. The body of work that he has created about the Raramuri people is a large part of his artistic practice. Hector Adiladid finds it very moving to see such a peaceful and harmonious landscape in a region that now has been torn apart by violence and the drug lords of the North Cartel.

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