Victor Vargas Villafuerte

Teratology 01

by Victor Vargas Villafuerte

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Teratology is a series that explores the perception of monsters in modern societies by placing them in everyday situations and environments. The series consists of 11 digitally manipulated color images. The Project was developed in three stages: Personal, Individual and Collective. In the Personal stage I compared my early fascination with monsters and my modern perception, being a self-portrait as a monster the result of this stage. People were contacted through the Internet for the Individual stage. After explaining the concept of the project to them they were asked to pose naked reenacting an activity that they do often in the place where they usually perform that activity (kitchen, the park where they walk the dog, etc.) Subsequently the manipulated images were presented to the people portrayed generating different reactions that went from an initial repulsion that gradually mutated as the persons started to recognize themselves in some elements. The Collective stage presents the images to the public, which even if the creatures depicted are unknown will identify themselves in some elements (anatomically and culturally). Monsters have been perceived differently through time, and from one culture to another. Feared by some and admired by others, praised like gods or despised as aberrations, monsters are part of nature and all human societies. Teratology, from the Greek teratos (monster or marvel), and logos (study of) is a series that explores the modern perception of monsters by placing them in everyday situations and common places, and by highlighting the similarities rather than the differences with the normal people.

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