Daniel Shipp

Testify 03

by Daniel Shipp

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In the newspaper one day I came across a story about how children were giving evidence in court cases via a closed circuit TV. The child would be in another location and their image would be on a screen in the courtroom. That created a strong visual in my mind, and I knew I could do something that evoked quite a response from the viewer, even if the actual meaning of the image was ambiguous. I really liked the idea of a child being so vulnerable to an unknown audience. I photographed the images on a very low-resolution digital camera, and then played them through a small old CRT television set which I rephotographed on a medium format film. This adds a physical layer to the images and effectively magnifies the way the television screen breaks the images into units of red, green and blue. I liked emphasizing how a process so mechanical and mathematical can transform into an image that evokes feelings. Conceptually there’s something very familiar about the television texture, which animates the still image and suggests the potential of 'story' in the image. I was essentially trying to subvert familiar concepts and create an unsettling experience for the viewer.

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