David Ellingsen

Obsolete Delete, Manual Typewriter

by David Ellingsen

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Since starting out with film and the 4×5 view camera in 2000, my photographic career has seen amazing advances in the “tools of the trade,” resulting in a lot of outdated technology in a short amount of time. I think of the first Hasselblad camera I bought....30 years old and ready for me to use it for many more. Now you’re lucky to get 3 or 4 years from one camera, if that. I see this mirrored strongly in the communications and entertainment industries, which most everyone can relate to, and that is why Obsolete Delete began there. For this series I wanted to build an image instead of find one. I have seen many excellent documentary photographs concerning this subject matter and consider others to be the masters of that process. I feel my strengths lay a little beyond the realm of stark reality and controlling the objects and how they fit into the landscapes creates for me a more unique point of view and consequently a stronger photograph.

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