Sebastien Pedeches, is a creative photographer / miniature scenes designer from Montréal. 

He works full-time from his studio project called "Make Believe” in little Burgundy.

Sebastien combines tabletop photography, ephemeral sculpture, and miniature scene design to create large scale prints that are oftentimes whimsical and playful.  He uses various design principles and light techniques to create captivating exposures and uses clever juxtaposition as an important part in his creation process.

"Make Believe" is a illustrative project. Based on the collection of objects and elements from various city streets, parks, construction sites, and second hand stores. It is an opportunity to look at banal, everyday objects, from a new viewpoint. Oftentimes, incorporating the use of city debris and urban waste.


2016 | Nuit Blanche | Mainline Gallery, Montreal, Qc

2016 |Klatsch Marathon: Defrost | Artinest, Montreal, Qc

2015 | Timbart Featured artist | Solo Show, Laika, Montreal, Qc 

2015 | Bazaart 2015 | Fringe | Mainline Gallery, Montreal, Qc

2015 | Griffintown Gallery | Permanent Collection, Montreal, Qc

2015 | Fresh Paint Gallery | Art Attack #10, Montreal, Qc

2015 | Fringe festival | MAI, Montreal, Qc

2015 | Little Burgundy Coalition | Montreal, Qc