Robin was born in Annecy, France but has also lived in New York and Montreal. He was trained as a scientist and holds advanced degrees in nano-electronics and engineering.

He believes that with his background in science, he approaches his photography without preconceptions, ‘stepping out with his camera to explore the world without any defined direction.’ He attempts always to find the ‘unusual beautiful’ and often works in what he describes as ‘downtrodden urban environments’ seeking to create imaginary stories with a single shot. He is interested in exploring how our brains process visual perceptions and creating ambiguities around those same processes.

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2012 | Chromatic 2012, Society for Art and Technology, Montreal 

2009 | She’s an Astronomer, Museo de la Luz, Mexico City.

2008 | Invited Exhibition by Kiton and Damiani for the American Italian

Cancer Association, NYC.