A native of Saint Martin d’Hères, France, Nicolas has lived in Milan, Grenoble and Montreal but is now based in Paris where he is a practicing architect.

Nicolas views that activity as complementary to his photography. ‘Creation in architecture is a dense, slow and complex process closely tied to fiction. The working architect is a perpetual day-dreamer attempting to transpose an intuition about the relationship between the human and landscape. Photography is a more intense and instantaneous process focused on the moment and a psychological relationship with the subject. "

He is inspired both by the ‘monumental timelessness’ of artists such as Judd, Serra or Turrell and the ‘psychologists’ Caravaggio and Weegee.

For more information visit his website: www.sistonicolas.com 


2012 | Triumph of Caissa, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. 

2010 | Silence de l’Instant, Paris.

2009 | Reflexes, Alpes d’Huez. France.