Self-taught photographer. Born in the south of France, I’ve lived and worked in Montreal since 2011. I wish I had a great story about inheriting my first camera from my grandfather or something like that, but no. I simply bought it in a store.

I’ve studied languages, worked as a lighting designer for shows, and spent several years being a creative ad guy. I now focus on my photography, based on observation and magnifying the simplest things.


I trust providence (not the religious definition though) and patience. My approach is based on wandering and accepting the impromptu. I use photography to make simple factual observations and also to gather people, places, lines or lights in a setup that will exist only once. Why only once?


Photography learned as an autodidact from 2008. Medium format 6x6. 35 mm. Digital.


2014 | Perfect Strangers I National Geometric, Galerie Vert de gris, Fréjus, France

2014 | Autoportrait dans le livre Leica Myself, Éditions 99 Pages, Allemagne

2014 | Des Inconnus à Cuba dans  #photography, Issue #11, UK

2014| Des Inconnus à Cuba dans Monster Children Photo Annual, Australie

2015 | Des Inconnus à Cuba Galerie Yves Laroche,Montréal, Canada

2015 | People Series, dansFubiz

2015 | Des Inconnus à Cuba, dans Flyway

2015 | Des Inconnus à Cuba, Entrevue dans Flanelle Magazine

2015 | National Geometric sur AYE MAG

2016 | People in Cities, sur Lumières de la Ville

2016 | Perfect Strangers dansCreative Boom

2016 | Perfect Strangers dans Fubiz

2016 | Perfect Strangers dans The Lift Magazine

2016 | Perfect Strangers dans Photogrvphy

2016 | Meet the photographers capturing Cuba in the midst of change, dans Circa News

2016 | Des Inconnus à Cuba, dans The Adventure Handbook, septembre

2016 | A Bright Interval dans Plain Magazine

2016 | A Bright Interval dans Creative Boom

2016 | A Bright Interval dans ToTravelIsToLive