Vision and its affect are the driving force behind my work. Using lens-based media and moving images, I explore how visual perception shapes our interpretation of the surrounding world. 

I am interested in the multiplicity of perception paradigms, differing within the fields of psychology, phenomenology, neuroscience and film theory. There is space for creative experimentation within the gaps and intersections between these models. Our sensorial system – physically fallible and influenced by memory, mood, ideologies – mediates what we know of the surrounding world. Sometimes, the limits between our internal, ideal and physical visions become blurred. How, then, does what I see compare to what you see? What are the implications for our knowledge systems? How do these systems influence our ways of being in the world, of making decisions, rules, and communing with one another? 

 My practice challenges our understanding of what we see by using past and present scopic technologies to compare phenomenological experience of the physical world to that of simulated imagery. By complicating the seen, I work to create viewing experiences that investigate the layers of perception. Results become polished experimental surfaces to be imbued with the viewer’s own vision, including moving image, immersive installations, testing prints, and interactive animations. 


Annie Briard is a Vancouver based visual and media artist challenging visual perception and memory through moving image and photography focused work. 

Briard has exhibited in solo and group shows across Canada and internationally, including galleries and festivals in New York, Rio, Barcelona, Madrid, Basel, Shanghai and Beijing. She has delivered engaging temporary public art in Montreal, Hamilton, Vancouver and Victoria, including video installations Arborescence and Comment délaisser le sol à jamais for Art Souterrain (2009, 2012), interactive animations The Woods and Winterplay (2012-2014) and in 2015 produced the stereoscopic 3D billboard Any Day Now for Art in Transit Toronto and Capture Festival Vancouver. 
Briard was an artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre and was selected by the Centre International d'Art Contemporain to represent Canada at the WEYA symposium in England in 2012. The following year, she presented solo shows at Back Gallery Project, Black & Yellow and VIVO media arts centre in Vancouver, and Centre 3 in Hamilton. In 2014, Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal presented 'Sight Shifting', a solo exhibition of new works focused on perception and wonderment. Briard is currently preparing solo exhibitions for Winnipeg and Montreal as well as an artist residency in Spain. 
In conjunction with her practice, Annie Briard is an educator at Emily Carr University. She holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MAA from Emily Carr University (2013). Her work is represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery and Back Gallery Project. 


2016 | "Staring at the Sun", Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal
2016 | "Vision Trouble", La maison des artistes, Winnipeg
2014 | "Blur" (by Lucida Lab), Seymour Art Gallery, Vancouver
2014 | "Sight Shifting", Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal 
2013 | "The Woods", video bar curated by Elisa Ferrari, VIVO, Vancouver
2013 | "Interactive", curated by Jim Riley, Centre 3, Hamilton
2013 | "Wanderings", curated by Allison Mander, Black & Yellow Gallery 
           & Back Gallery Project, Vancouver
2012 |  "The Woods", interactive stop-motion installation, G++ Gallery, Victoria
2012 |  "Perceptual Moment #8", IE Gallery, Vancouver
2011 |  "The Space in Between", Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal


2015 | Miami Project Art Fair, with Back Gallery Project, December 1-6, Miami Art Toronto International Art Fair, with Back Gallery Project, Toronto Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Dawson College, Montreal
"Any Day Now’, public art billboard, presented by Back Gallery Project & 

Pattison Art in Transit, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver "Miroir, ô mon miroir...” curated by Esse magazine & L’Extension, 

Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, Paris 

2014 | "From Here to There" exhibition and auction, Access Gallery, Vancouver
"Faculty exhibition", Arbutus Gallery, Kwantlen University, Surrey
"Du détail à l'oeuvre", curated by Yan Romanesky, Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal
"De la part des vaincus", video programme curated by Dayna MacLeod, Galerie RDV, Nantes "Not Sent Letters" spring edition, curated by Jeremy Todd, VIVO, Vancouver
"All Nuit Long - Edgy Redux" curated by Dayna McLeod, Studio 303 gallery, Montreal 

2013 | "Filmambiente" International Environmental Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro "Momento Mori", Project Gallery, Toronto 

"Green Screens", video exhibition, Film Society Lincoln Centre, NYC "Leaving Ground" video installation, Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal "In It Together", Access Gallery, Vancouver
"Coordinates", graduate exhibition, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver "Boxed In", The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, St John's, NL 

"Cinesthesia Feminist Film Festival", Varsity Center for the Arts, Carbondale, Il "Fruit from the Ashes", Unit 2, Toronto 

2012 |  "World Event Young Artists" symposium and residency, Nottingham, England
"Cool Stories for a Hot Planet collection III", ArtPort Projects, Global Eco Forum, Barcelona "Filmideo" video festival, Index Art Center, Newark
"Comment délaisser le sol et disparaître ...", public art installation, Art Souterrain, Montreal "Inventory of Language", Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
"Cool Stories for a Hot Planet collection III", ArtPort Projects, Matadero, Madrid 

2011 | "Screengrab”, eMerge Media Space, Queensland, Australia
"Cool Stories for a Hot Planet III”, ArtPort projects, Switzerland Museum of Architecture, 

"Arborescence”, public art installation, Festival Art Souterrain + Nuit Blanche, Montréal 

"Canadian Cameras at Work” Alliance Francaise galleries in Guangzhou; Hangzhou; Nanjing; Chongqing; Jinan; Xian; Tianjin; Shanghai; Dalian; Beijing, China 


2009 | "Canadian Cameras at Work”, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China "Boudoir”, événement Sensoria, curated by Karim Talaat, Prague, Czech Republic "Fallings” installation/performance, White Rabbit Arts Festival, Halifax
"Pining”, Nuit Blanche, curated by Amanda MacDonald, Galerie Plum, Montréal 


2016 | Capture Photography Festival Canada Line competition finalist, Vancouver
2014 | Canada Council for the Arts, Travel grant
2013 | British Columbia Arts Council, Professional Development Grant
2013 | Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Research for a Better Life Award 2012 Canada Council for the Arts, Travel grant 

2012 | World Event Young Artists, artist residency and symposium, Nottingham, England 2012 Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Bombardier Graduate Scholarship 2011 Screengrab media art award finalist, eMerge Media Space, Queensland, Australia 2009 Canada Council for the Arts, Travel grant 


2009 | Societé des arts technologiques [SAT], Festival Elektra, Piknic Electronik: Bourse Euterke 2008 OBORO, video production grant